Flying Seems Unimpressive...

An excerpt from my prayer journal expanded on a little bit:

What is Your image?

Lord, in thinking about Your creation I often wonder why You would not have made a more able and impressive creature in your image and likeness. There are so many things we cannot do. I see superhero movies and see the amazing things these superheros can do and I wonder why You, as a limitless being would have chosen to limit us. Our imaginations can easily come up with all of these amazing abilities that we could possess. Why would we have any limitations if we are to bear your image and likeness?

I see though, that it is not our physical or mental ability or lack of it that is in your image, but rather our ability to give ourselves away in complete Love. The impressiveness of our being, like whether we can fly or not for example, really is of no avail because the greater ability is Love. It is the highest of heights anyone can reach. When true Love exists no attribute can be added or taken away that makes that person more or less.

So Your image is Love. You made us to participate in that image. What more could we ask for?

In light of the ability to Love like You, flying seems unimpressive.

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