The Prayer Guide

The Enthroned prayer guide was developed to help people establish a lasting personal prayer life.  The reason it is so effective in doing so is because it draws the reader through daily considerations as well as practical steps to enter into prayer. Enthroned takes away the worry of what prayer is supposed to look like and where it is supposed to come from because it lays that all out for the reader as they go.  


To learn something well it is necessary to not only have knowledge, but also practical experience. Enthroned gives you both of those things.


"Enthroned is refreshingly simple and profound. With wisdom and keen spiritual insight, Taylor Feldpausch takes the complexity out of beginning a life of deep prayer and offers many practical tips on developing lasting intimacy with Jesus.  If you're looking for a solid but short kick-starter for the interior revolution made possible in prayer, look no further."

-Fr. Mathias Thelen, STL

President of Encounter Ministries and pastor of St. Patrick's Church in Brighton, MI

Read The Goal of This Resource as Written in the Prayer Guide:

The goal of this resource is to provide practical steps to a prayer life through everyday considerations and practice of prayer oriented to the exploration of the interior life.  It is setup to start out more rigid, with clear steps and thoughts, but as it goes on it becomes a lot more about your own words with God, and His own words back to you.  By the end of this it is my hope that, after gaining knowledge and practice of prayer, you will feel comfortable to continue on your journey and life of intimacy with God.


It may help to think about it this way: if you are really interested in someone and want to get to know them better, often times mutual friends can help bring the both of you together.  Maybe you go out on a couple of group dates in order to ease into conversation, and to find common ground through common friends. Then, when it is just the two of you, the conversation is not so awkward.  You kind of already have some ideas of where to go with things, and there is a comfort level there that would not have been if it weren’t for the mutual friends that brought the both of you together. 


This resource is to be used in much the same way. Let it just serve as an intermediary for your relationship with God for a bit (although the ideas covered, much like your mutual friends, will not go away).  Hopefully it helps alleviate some of the awkwardness, and helps bring you to a better understanding of each other quicker.  Follow the steps and then, just as if you were out on a group date, let your gaze start going more and more on the one who you intend to be with, and start leaving behind the rigidity of the prescribed words, and start forming your own. 


This is about your relationship with Him. The purpose of this is to facilitate the growth of that relationship.


This book is setup with considerations followed by a time of prayer.  This is so because any life of prayer is accompanied by study (consideration) and most often times the study is what enriches the time of prayer and keeps your heart and mind moving toward a more intimate time in prayer.  Just like with any relationship, the more we come to know the other person, the more intimate and meaningful our time spent with them can be.   Never stop your study; it will do so much to enrich your mind in prayer.


A simple exploration of the interior life can help us take the first steps to the realization of God as our Father. Not just intellectually understanding it – but interiorly knowing it. This realization then informs our heart and mind in the ways we approach God throughout the day and most especially in prayer. The more we pray the more our understanding of God’s fatherly role deepens and we can respond by allowing Him to teach us deeply in His ways – to rear us as His children. This is the journey of the soul.

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