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 David Herring | St Martha Parish | Okemos MI 

The Enthroned Ministry was founded to help God’s people to the living water that is our relationship with God: Prayer.  Through prayer we encounter God in a personal way, and this leaves us changed. Not overnight in all cases, but over time through our encounters with Him, we become truly alive. It is like there is a switch in us that is turned on, and our lives become lives that are lived for the glory of God.

This is the Mission of Enthroned: to help your parishioners and in turn your parish become alive.  Imagine a parish where the parishioners are listening for God’s voice in their lives; where they are receiving conviction through a personal relationship with God, and not solely through what you can provide them with. Where they are actually making their faith their own, and boldly following God. We are convinced that prayer in the Holy Spirit is the spark that can light this fuse in the people of your parish. 

How Does Enthroned Work?

The Enthroned ministry is centered around a book written by its founder Taylor Feldpausch, titled “Enthroned: A 14-Day Guide to Interior Revolution and a Life of Prayer.”  This, coupled with a 3-week speaking schedule (normally meeting 3 times, a night each week), serves to educate those going through the program on prayer, as well as provide them with practical application of what they are learning through the process.  This means by the end of the 14-day period they will learn all they need to know to make prayer a part of their lives, and they will have practiced it the majority of the days. 

We believe that simplicity is key in bringing this out to your parish. The book gives the reader simple daily reflections and then guides them through prayer.  This coupled with our convicted speakers rounding out the message has been proven to bring people to prayer in a way they never have been before.

Revitalize Your Parish Through the Hearts of Its People

How Do I Bring Enthroned to My Parish?

We have seen great fruit come from the one-night-a-week for 3 weeks method of presentation (this method's availability is subject to your location), but we are happy to discuss other structures of presentation as well, whether it be a one-time talk or a 3-night mission. We can work with your schedule to make the Enthroned message effective in your parish or youth group.  

To schedule a session in your parish simply email below or call.

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Taylor Feldpausch
Founder | Author | Speaker
Want Taylor to speak at your parish?

Taylor Feldpausch is a disciple of Jesus Christ, a husband, and father of five.  He is a dynamic speaker and writer who moves with conviction and fervor because he has encountered the love of God in his own life and is passionate about sharing it.  Taylor is thoroughly convinced that prayer is the center for any true disciple, and he is passionate about helping people make it a habit in their lives.

Taylor is also trained in prayer ministry and has a passion for leading others in times of prayer and for praying for a greater outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This is especially important in helping others to prayer, as it is not a skillfully crafted argument that convicts and leads others to give God time in prayer, but an outpouring of grace through the Holy Spirit.  He is passionate about leading people to a point of surrender so as to ask for this grace.

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