If you're not praying you're not living

You were created for union with your Creator. 

Prayer is the start of that union.

Why waste any more time living for less than what you were created for? 


For all of us prayer can be hard...

But if we are made for Prayer, then maybe we've just been over-complicating it or misunderstanding it.

Enthroned is simple.

in the course of 14 days you will learn to pray like never before by using the prayer guide.

From people just like you:

"Enthroned has been life changing!

So I gave a copy to my daughter and she said the same thing!"

"This resource has brought things to a new level for me. They are onto something with this ministry."

"This resource changed the way I pray."

Getting Started is Simple

Buy The Guide

The guide ships to you directly from us. Receive it and open it. Read the introduction and the goal section. These will set the tone for the next 14 days. 

Take it Day by Day

 Set aside 15 minutes a day for 14 days. Go to the appropriate day, then read and practice what is prescribed.

Start Living

Once you experience God and his love in prayer it will change how you live. This will start a revolution in your life for the good. In short you will become alive. 

Then Take What You Learned into Daily Prayer

(The Prayer Guide Explains That)

We would be honored to help you pray like never before.  By learning how to pray and commune with God, you will be empowered through His grace to become who He created you to be.

This could all start for you today.



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